The Sweet Change Good Deeds Program

An invitation to people of all ages, to participate together in social action that improves peoples lives and the life of our home planet Earth.

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Good Deeds
with "I Love to Move"

The Sweet Change Good Deeds program will empower youth to do good deeds focusing on family and friends, the community and the environment. 

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  • Advance the mission and vision of the Centre in encouraging youth to do good works for friends and family, the community and the environment;

  • Create greater recognition of the mission and vision of the Centre in the community;

  • Enhance the Centre’s ‘I Love to Move’ program by adding opportunities for youth to create positive change together;

  • Influence the community as a whole to be kind to each other by doing and accepting good works.

  • Promote Sweet Change in its work to change through chocolate and increase the sales of Sweet Change chocolate to assist in subsidizing the Centre’s programming.

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  • Participants will be encouraged and given opportunities to perform good deeds for their friends, family, the community & the environment.

  • Sweet Change Good Deeds Program participants 6-13 will be mentored by high school, university and college students who will become the ‘Sweet Change Good Deeds Heroes’.

  •  ‘Sweet Change Good Deeds Ambassadors’ will be adults assisting in making the program a success. They will arrange well-known children’s idols to attend functions. 

  • The introduction of a fantasy character, Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear,  in a children's storybook, and song.

  • ‘Sweet Change The Chocolate Bear’ Mascot will make appearances to encourage the children to participate, and take fun photos.

  • A summer day-camp component will tie in with the "I Love to Move" program. 

  • After collecting stories of good deeds, semi-annually there will be an awards ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of participants.

  • Sweet Change Good Deeds Scholarships for at least 1 of each of a 6-13 year old, a high school student and a university student presented for extra special good deeds.


An official mascot.

For photos and fun with the kids.


The Sweet Change Good Deeds
 Storybook & Song

A key element of the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program is an illustrated children’s storybook with an accompanying song, in which children between the ages of six and thirteen are taught and encouraged to do good deeds for the benefit of their friends and family, the environment and their community. A copy of the book will be given to participants of the program.

The song (Demo below) will be sung by a children's chorus.



The Centre for Social Justice and Good Works acknowledges and appreciates the generous support provided for the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program by the following organizations and businesses, which continue to demonstrate their community-mindedness:

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Precious Blood Cathedral

Precious Blood Cathedral initiated the determination to advance social justice and good works in our community, which led to the establishment of the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works as an independent not-for-profit corporation. The Cathedral wholeheartedly supports the benefits the community and especially our youth will receive from the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program.


Missanabie Cree First Nation

Missanabie Cree First Nation is delighted to continue to commit to the wellbeing of the community in its support of the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program. A program such as this, which teaches and encourages our young people to spread kindness, enhances the quality of life for all people.

Little Caesars Logo.jpg

Little Caesar’s Pizza

Little Caesar’s Pizza continues its support for the programming carried on by the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works. It is excited to be part of the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program encouraging our youth to take action to benefit their family and friends, the environment, and their community.

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Prouse Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Ltd

Prouse Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Ltd was an early supporter of the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works as it has supported so many worthwhile projects in our community. Prouse is delighted to be a part of the Sweet Change Good Deeds Program, which will bring the whole community together for positive change.

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Submit stories of your good deeds!

Do you know someone (age 6-13) who has done a good deed for their friends, family, community or the environment? We would love to hear about it and recognize them for it! Or if you would otherwise like to support the program, or know more please get in touch below.

Thanks for submitting!