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What is the Mentorship Program with Social Services?

The Centre for Social Justice and Good Works has developed and delivers a mentorship entrepreneurship program for low-income individuals. The objective of this program was to assist Ontario Works clients and marginalized under employed persons who are interested in entrepreneurship to start small businesses, with the help of dedicated business leaders who act as mentors. The Centre partnered with the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (EDC), to provide training and assistance with business plans. The Sault Ste. Marie District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) earmarked funds for the participants of the program to start their own businesses. Participants in this program showed a high level of determination and five of the eight participants were provided with grants for their start up businesses. The mentorship program helps people who are economically vulnerable meet their basic needs, and specifically, provideds the tools to improve the lives of these community citizens.

The Centre is planning an entrepreneurship program targeting various marginalized groups including youth, women, aboriginal, new immigrants, and low-income individuals. Mentorship increases a businesses chance of success by 70%. The participants have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship skills in a promoting and emotionally stable environment. The program assists those who are facing economic vulnerability and their inability to meet basic living needs, creating prosperity for those wishing to become self sustaining entrepreneurs. For more information on the mentorship program or to apply for the next mentorship program, please contact the Centre.

Who can participate?

Ontario Works recipients who have not been in the workplace for an extended period of time.

If you are on Ontario Works and interested in the entrepreneurship program contact your worker to get more information. 

What are the Benefits?

Independence gained by becoming self-employed can change a person's perspective and outlook, creating positive change in all areas of life, as well as,
Skills development and training
One-on-one coaching 
Direction from established business mentors, and with the assistance of community partners
Independence and the ability to be self-sustaining
Time management skills

Social skills
Smart financial skills
A finished business plan
Work space that is unique and supportive
Sensitivity training
Lunch and learn sessions
Continues coaching

For more information on the Mentorship Program with Social Services please contact Centre for Social Justice and Good Works.


For more information on our mentorship success story’s visit the Centre’s media articles.

Mentorship Program with Social Services