Christina Coutu


creating positive change together

Executive Director 

Centre for Social Justice and Good Works

Christina Coutu grew up in Sault Ste. Marie. As the youngest of five children, including a set of triplets, she learned first hand the importance of team work, sharing, compromise, and conflict resolution early in her life. She attended Sault College where she obtained a diploma in business and continued to Lake Superior State University where she graduated with a concentration in marketing and continues her education with the project management certificate at Sault College.

Christina began her career as a project coordinator for the Algoma Workforce Investment Committee where she focused on community research projects. From there, she moved to the Sault College marketing department and eventually moved into the employment services department where she was responsible for department marketing. Christina eventually transitioned into the role of Employment Consulting and Job Developer and spent time doing outreach across the Algoma region. Wanting to increase her knowledge base, Christina worked as a Banking Consultant with Manulife Bank setting up mortgages and educating her clients about proper money management. Christina worked as a Project Manager at the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre where she assisted with the creation of an award winning community brand as well as two sold-out national conferences, Naturallia 2013 and the 2014 Energy Opportunities Conference. Christina spent a few months assisting the Sault Community Career Centre and acting as Job Coach focusing on the clients with the highest barriers and needs. In August of 2015, Christina began working as the Executive Director for the Centre for Social Justice and Good Works. The Centre believes in Creating Positive Change Together and is working to bring opportunities to the community.