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About the Centre

What is the Centre?

Centre for Social Justice and Good Works develops and delivers programming, including skills training, that addresses the identified needs of underprivileged individuals and families, in order to improve outcomes such as health, wellness, education, employment and income so that they are in line with or better than national indicators.


We envision an inclusive, welcoming community in which people are inspired, empowered and supported to work together to transform society for the greater good through works of charity and social justice.

Guiding Principles

The work of the Centre is guided by the following principles:
1. Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, we value and embrace diversity, equity, inclusion and respect as the foundations upon which a community that provides all of its citizens, including people with various disabilities, with the opportunity to participate, contribute to and thrive in their community.
2. We complement and enhance the good works of other people and organizations through collaboration and partnerships.
3. The health and wellness of people in our community should be consistent with international rights, standards, and national averages.
4. We promote the health and sustainability of the natural environment.
5. When individuals are inspired and empowered to mobilize to improve their own life circumstances and the lives of others, true and lasting change occurs.
6. We provide support through educating and mobilizing people – we are not a funding agency.